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Tips on Selecting for Succcess!

Imagine that you've been given the task of having your company's brochure translated and you have never done a translation project, you may not know where to begin, much less how to tackle the whole job!

You check around and pick some companies out of the blue and send them your material for quotation. A few days later you receive a quote along with some promotional materials and now what?

Before making any type of decision, there are several factors to consider. Here are a few questions that will get you on the road to success.

Is it a full-service translation company? - can they handle graphic production? Multiple languages? Will they handle the entire project-start to finish?

What do you know about their reputation? - how do they handle deadlines? And how quickly do they respond to your questions?

How about the quality of their work? - do they provide samples? Is there a quality control process in place? How many rounds of edits and verifications does the material go through before being released? Is the material proofread after typesetting?

What about the translators they use? - Find out about their selection process. Do they insist on using native language translators? Are they specialized in the area you're looking for? You're in for a surprise if you don't find out at the being!

Choosing the right translation company can be an daunting and frustrating experience. But by asking these simple questions you can make your selection process easier and find a company that will help you achieve your ultimate goal. Effective communication in the language your customers speak!

What Kind of Job is It !
Whether you're creating a corporate brochure, advertising piece, instructional manual or developing a software package there are many things to consider.

By keeping these tips in mind, you will make life easier for the foreign language audience of your material and you will end up with a final product that looks good and get your message across.

Think about the target market - it is vital that you perform all the necessary steps to ensure that the copy, color, photo's and graphics are acceptable to your foreign audience.

Use plenty of white space - translation copy sometimes runs 15% to 25% longer than the English, so leave lots of blank space. Keep the original version light and expect the foreign language version to grow.

Don't forget the files - it's imperative that you supply the translation company with all the original language files. There is no advantage in wasting time, energy and money creating a new layout or graphic file when they already exist.

And the fonts - just as important as the files are the fonts you use in your original publication.

These are just a few of the things to think about when preparing your material for a foreign language. Remember, you want your material to help you achieve your ultimate goal. Effective communication in the language your customers speak!

Video's Get it Right !
If you want to penetrate the foreign marketplace, producing a foreign language version of your video program is essential.

Regardless of the reason for producing a foreign language video, dubbing can often prove to be an extremely complicated task. There are many factors that you should be aware of in order to deliver a quality product and avoid some inherent disasters.

Who is your target audience? - if you're not careful about selecting the right dialect or the right voice, the results may not be successful after all. An experienced translation company will already be aware of these issues and will produce a video that will not offend your audience.

Will the video be used with any other material? - it's imperative that the translation for one part of the program be consistent with another. Get knowledgeable about the process of translation. Some questions to ask yourself are; Do they create and use glossaries? Is there a quality control check for consistency between different parts of the program? Be sure the translation company you use has a proven track record.

Do you have resources to check the translation? - Don't wait for the script to be recorded to have it approved! The more input you have the better your end product will be. Style, terminology and cultural issues should be addressed well before the start of the production process to avoid costly delays and revisions. The simple solution is to request a translated script before recording.

Is the translation company prepared to produce foreign videos? - Most importantly, you want a translation company that has done this type of work before. Does the audio/video editor have a working knowledge of the language? Is the studio equipped for dubbing? Will they provide foreign language voice samples? Do they use professional native speakers? Keep looking if you get no to the answers!

There are many steps in choosing the right company to produce your foreign language video program. These are just a few of the things to think about when searching for one. Remember, you want to find someone that will help you achieve your ultimate goal - Effective communication in the language your customers speaks and understands!

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