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Our Foreign Language Translations Services

Effective communication is the vital substance that nourishes all human enterprises.

Professional communication is needed for a business to sell its products and services, translate skills and motivate its clientele. Effective language communications requires awareness and precision. A message will be transmitted effectively only if it is tailored precisely to suite its audience.

Communicating what you know means establishing a relationship and sharing expectations and ideas with others – usually always strangers who are of crucial importance for your success.

PFMedia Group’s mission is to supply the resources, technologies and experience you need to communicate effectively anywhere in the world.

Successful foreign language communication is based on accurate translations. We adhere to the strictest professional standards and procedures to ensure that the final result accurately conveys the intent and meaning of the original text.

Each project undergoes a three-stage process. It is first translated or localized, then edited and finally proofread. This quality check assures nothing is omitted and the meaning or intent of the original material is accurately conveyed. PFMedia Group often augments this process by developing company specific glossaries that are used for all translations projects for that given client. This not only expedites the process, but also ensures consistency and standardization, both within and between projects.

Although translation is the most critical aspect of any project, preserving the quality and impact cannot be ignored. We accept electronic files in virtually any format and layout style. We can also take your existing hard copy and convert it into camera-ready art in the target language of your choice. We can utilize your translation and produce the printed material exactly to specifications.

Software and CD Rom
A primary objective of
PFMedia Group is to consistently attend to every detail in the services we provide. Localization is no exception. We convert your software, website, or interactive program into virtually any language.

As important as technical aspects of localization are the conceptual considerations. The look, feel and ideas presented in the original program are accurately conveyed to your foreign audience. We strive to maintain the integrity of your product in the foreign language version.

For any localization project, we can turnkey the entire program by providing a host of expert services.

· Translations of the original script
· Cultural adaptation
· Screen capture
· Graphic modification
· Audio recording
· Video production
· Authoring
· Testing and debugging
· Compiling
· Quality assurance

PFMedia Group utilizes the latest applications to create the foreign language version of your presentation.

Video Versioning
PFMedia Group is fully equipped to translate and produce your audio/video project in virtually any foreign language. We deliver turnkey presentation from scripting to professional narration in the proper dialect, animation and character generation.

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