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Our 5-Step Process

PFMedia Group has a proven five-step process to professionally execute foreign language translation and localization projects with the highest level of efficiency and quality. Enormous emphasis is put into the process; starting with analysis, project management preparation, translation, testing, quality assurance and the finished product. We specialize in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Hindi and most European languages—from English or to English.

The typical localization project can be thought of as having 5 key phases that must be completed in order to manage any project successfully.

All phases in the project must be completed with clear communication to the client using high quality proactive project management. A good evaluation is the key to a successful project. Failure to detect and communicate problems at an early stage has an enormous effect on the effort required to complete the project.

Project Preparation
Quality Assurance

First PhaseAnalysis/Evaluation

Engineering Analysis - work with all the necessary personal and associates of the client to draw together the best possible group for success.
Translation Analysis - make an initial assessment of the project requirements, both by our system tools and software and by our trained staff.
DTP Analysis - scan through all documents and help files to determine the format, graphics, diagrams, annotation and other aspects for the target market.

Second PhaseProject Preparation

Extract the Translation Items - we separate the localizable text and other settings from source code and documentation.
Glossary Development - working with your organization we develop an appropriate glossary, which forms the base from which our translators work.

Third PhaseTranslation

Translation - translate the text with initial files being checked to assure quality and consistency with translation instructions and glossary content.
Desktop Publishing - format and re-construct existing DTP files to the new target languages and formats.

Fourth PhaseCompiling/Testing

Translation Compiling - we combine translated text and completed DTP work with existing software to produce the localized software.
Functional Testing - take the finished product and perform several tests to ensure the technical modifications work well in the target culture environment.
Linguistic & Cultural Testing - to ensure that the finished product has no translation mistakes and that the words, names, address and sentences are consistent with target language etiquette and customs.

Fifth PhaseQuality Assurance

Quality Assurance - quality is the backbone for success and our commitment to our clients. We ensure that the over all project meets the original expectations of the client.

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